Smart Notebook

Smart Notebook

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Now you can stop buying different notebooks for work, school, or drawing. All you need is the Erasable Smart Notebook. It’s a notebook with erasable sheets you can use for your notes, drawings, sketches, or doodles and allows you to scan and save them to any cloud services. When you’re done using it, simply wipe it with a damp cloth or use a hair dryer to erase its content so you can use it all over again. Endlessly rewritable, it’s the last notebook you’ll ever need!

Features and benefits:

  • Reusable and erasable.  You can simply wipe off notes or drawings using your hair dryer, microwave oven, or with a damp cloth/wet tissue. You can use the notebook up to 500 times.
  • Store your notes to cloud services. Works with Elfinbook app so you can scan anything you write in the notebook using your phone and store it to cloud services like Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, and more. Now your notes/drawings are safe and organized on your mobile devices and you can manage, edit, or quickly search them whenever you need them.
  • Image/text amendment and enhancement. The app will automatically scan the contents of the notebook, crop and modify the image/text, and improve image performance to make sure your ideas are as crisp on the screen as they are on the page.
  • Free pen. Use the included pen so your writing sticks to the notebook’s pages like regular paper. Allow 15 seconds for ink to dry in order for it to bond to the specialized pages. It won’t go off when you rub it with your hand but easily erases when wiped with a damp cloth.
  • Eco-friendly and durable. This damp-cloth-or-heat-to-erase reusable notebook is made out of stones, saving lots of trees in the process. It contains 100 pages (50 blank pages and 50 wide ruled pages) that are made of acid-free, fine-grained paper and the cover is made of thick, waterproof fabric.
  • Useful gift. It’s the perfect gift for kids who love to draw, students, designers, engineers, architects, and artists of all ages.