3 Pleasing Color Schemes and Decorative Accessories

3 Pleasing Color Schemes and Decorative Accessories

Hi, Sarah here. If you’re looking for a few color-schemes and accessories for your home, I’ve got you covered.

Whether you have just moved, or you’re looking to do a drastic rearrangement, you can benefit from the content in this blog. Use it yourself or pass it along to a friend or relative.

You can never have too much information on tasteful color schemes and household accessories. Let’s talk about aesthetics!

3. Monochromatic

Using the same color is anything but boring. Jazz it up with patterns, textures, designs, and tones.

Let’s say you’re going with orange or pine-colored green, use light and darker shade to break up the single color. The monochromatic color scheme is sophisticated and classically good looking.

So, let’s say you painted your wall light green, a few pillows could be darker and a few could be lighter green. There are so many variations of one color.

You could have emerald and white polka-dot ottomans, a grass-colored rug patterned rug, and some mosaic wall art to mix up the solid colors.

2. Complimentary

Choose your favorite color for the specified room and couple it with its opposite. If you aren’t sure, find a color wheel. A few fun and popular examples are lilac and mustard, aqua and coral, or peach and peacock.

The eye will be drawn to these gorgeous color-schemes. Or you could even choose the color next to the opposite, such as dainty pink and burnt yellow. Now that you’ve got the paint chosen, what about accessories?

If you’re going with peacock, purchase some feathers and peacock-designed art, pillows, and carpet. Pick out a coral or mustard colored lampshade if you’re going to choose that theme!

1. Warm and Cool Tones

How do you want to feel when you’re in the room? If you want to feel cozy or invigorated, choose a warm tone. If you want to feel peaceful and tranquil, pick a cool tone. Think of color tones like temperatures.

Most times, we want to feel a mixture of both, so balancing out warm and cool tones could work for you. Red, yellow, and orange are warmer tones whereas blue, green, and violet are cooler tones.

A simple and solid colored lamp shade, rug, or pillow versus a loud and patterned one can make a difference in the “temperature” of the room.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog about color-schemes and accessories. Your home is about to get the make-over a lifetime! It will be so worthwhile to see your tasteful and gorgeous home.

No one wants to see tacky and tattered accessories or worn out, tasteless paint jobs. If you’re into interior design and home decor, and you have the time and energy to follow through with your project, you should go for it!

Why not have some fun and feel happy and comfortable in your home? I wish you luck in this endeavor!


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