Benefits of Living in a Small Home

Benefits of Living in a Small Home


The idea of having a two-story home with some extra bedrooms looks really interesting, Right? You have the freedom to convert a room into a play area. Similarly, you can build a personal gym in your home if you have extra rooms.

But you’d be surprised to know that a small home offers more benefits in the long run as compared to bigger homes. In this article, we’re going to describe the amazing benefits of living in a small home. So, without any further ado, let’s discover those benefits.

Save More Money

The greatest benefit of living in a small home is that you can save a lot of money in the long run. No matter whether we talk about the mortgage payment, electricity costs or maintenance costs, a small home proves to be more beneficial than a bigger one.

Do you know that you can save around $150-$200 on electricity bills if you’re living in an 800-900 square foot home?

You can make an estimate of how much money you can save over a year or maybe over the next five years. A smaller home makes you feel free from installing a huge ceiling light because a lamp is usually enough to light up a room. Similarly, it requires minimal use of air conditioning and heating system.

Why would someone prefer living in a bigger home when they can save a lot of money living in a small home? You can invest those savings in some valuable resources or you can use it to manage financial setbacks such as losing a job, being unable to work, or suffering from a medical problem.

Easier to Clean

Having a small home means you can clean the entire home within a few minutes. You won’t have to worry about your toddler creating a mess in the home as you clean up all the mess within no time. It gets easier to keep your home organized when you’re living in a small home.

On the other hand, bigger homes may become a headache for you in terms of cleaning and maintenance. It usually takes around 4-5 hours to clean a 3000 square foot home. The situation gets more complicated if you have a two-story home because you need to carry that large vacuum cleaner up and down the stairs. And that’s a huge pain in the neck.

The small homes prevent you from buying those unnecessary items that may create a mess in the home. But if you’re living in a bigger home, you’re bound to buy more stuff otherwise, the home will look empty. Adding more stuff to the home means, you’d have to spend more time cleaning your home. Therefore, small homes are a better option.

Better Market Value

This may sound strange but small homes have better market value compared to the bigger homes. There is a huge market of buyers who like to buy small homes. Small families, old couples, and low-income families often consider buying a small home. It means you can easily sell your home within a few weeks or maybe days.

The best part is you won’t even have to reduce the price as there are many buyers out there interested in buying your home.

Although there are several buyers who like to buy big homes, you might have to wait for months or maybe years to sell off the home at your desired rates. You’d even have to make a compromise if you want to sell the home fast.

Forced Togetherness

The advancements in digital worlds have put some barriers among the families. We rarely get to talk to each other when living in a big home. But the small homes keep the families connected in many ways.

You must be thinking that bigger homes offer more privacy than small homes. But you don’t understand that it won’t let you enjoy the happiness of being with your family. With a small home, you’d be able to build those amazing memories that will stay with you forever.

Don’t you remember sharing that small room with your sister where you spent some amazing time together? That’s what you or your kids are going to miss if you lived in a bigger home.

It’s Easy to Decorate a Small Home

Decorating a small home is less expensive than a bigger home. With a small home, you won’t even think of buying those expensive decoration pieces because you don’t have enough space in your home. You’d only consider buying accessories that can add value to your home. The best part is your home would still look great with those inexpensive items.

Easy Customization

If you have a small home, you can easily change the look of your entire home by spending a few bucks. It’s quite easy to decorate every part of the home according to your requirements. If you don’t have enough money to customize the entire home, you can consider making smaller customizations over time.

You’d easily be able to bring that magazine-worthy look to your home at an affordable price. On the contrary, the bigger homes require a huge investment even if you’re willing to customize a smaller part in the home.


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