Outdoor Storage Ideas to Organize All Your Backyard Essentials

Outdoor Storage Ideas to Organize All Your Backyard Essentials

Whether you use your backyard for entertaining, gardening, playing with the kids, relaxing, or a little bit of all of those, it’s a much more enjoyable space when it’s organized. Toys laying all over the place make it hard to mow the lawn, gardening tools without a place to live tend to get ruined in the rain or lost forever. Save your money and your sanity with these genius ideas for making your backyard into a place you can truly sit back and enjoy!

But no matter your backyard situation — whether you have a teeny balcony, medium-sized patio, or sprawling lawn — there are plenty of easy, practical ways to store your landscaping tools, pool cleaning equipment, gardening materials, kids’ toys, and more.

Read on for backyard storage ideas, tips, hacks, and solutions that will transform your outdoor space into an organized, clutter-free paradise.

Turn a bookcase into an outdoor storage bench

You can repurposes a narrow bookcase to make a padded storage bench . Just gather some foam, fabric, a can of paint, and bam — your tired bookcase is reborn as a dual-purpose seating area.

As far as storage possibilities go, get creative:

Fill the cubbies in your bench with towels, blankets, baskets of gardening tools, or pretty planters.

Use a hanging organizer to store gardening tools

A hanging organizer is the baking soda equivalent of organizing tools: It fixes every problem.

You can use hanging organizers to store shoes, winter accessories, makeup, beauty products, crafts, and even cleaning supplies, so why not use them in your backyard, too?

Stuff the pockets with your gardening gloves, clippers, plant stakes, twine, and seed packets , then hang it on the wall of your greenhouse or tool shed.


Turn an old shutter into a towel rack

If your dilapidated, weather-beaten shutter is almost falling off its hinges, give it a new identity: flip it on its side, install a few hooks, and call it a shutter towel rack.

You don’t even have to paint it or sand down the edges if you don’t want to. The ramshackle look will only add to its rustic, antique charm.

Hang gardening tools on a piece of wood

Have an old wooden plank laying around from your last DIY project?

Give it new life as a simple garden tool rack.

You don’t need a plain piece of wood, either. Repurpose an old coat rack, hockey stick, or longboard to add some personality to your storage.

Transform a cabinet into a potting bench

If you have an outdated armoire, bookcase, or cabinet in your home, don’t throw it away. Bring it to the backyard instead. A good scrub and a fresh coat of paint can transform an old cabinet into the perfect outdoor potting station.

Store gardening gloves, tools, and seed packets in the drawers, then use the shelves and cupboards to hold bags of soil, pesticides, and extra pots.

Hang storage buckets on your fence

Even backyards have vertical storage possibilities.

Just screw a couple hooks into your fence and hang a durable plastic bucket from each.

It’s a simple, foolproof way to keep your kids’ toys organized and within easy reach.


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