Don’t Bother with These Resolutions

Don’t Bother with These Resolutions

There are some resolutions that are not worthy of your precious time or energy. I have compiled a list of resolutions in which to steer clear.

Some are dangerous, some are impossible. Whatever the case, they’re likely to fail. While losing weight and travelling are worthy goals, it’s important to frame them in a way that makes sense.

Don’t set yourself up for failure and misery. I want you to achieve your resolutions this year! You can do this.

To Have a Body Like... Insert Fav Celebrity’s Name Here



Well, if this doesn’t scream disaster, I don’t know what does. Choosing a favorite celebrity and trying to attain her body is possibly the worst resolution ever. It’s unachievable, nearly impossible and will make you miserable.

Not only that, it’s dangerous. Take your personal body size into account. Your genetics, lifestyle, and body structure all play a role. Cutting out magazine clippings of a lean and fit celebrity might backfire.

You may end up looking in the mirror and feeling ashamed. All this effort and you still look like you. Remember, celebrity images are often air-brushed, making it a truly worthless endeavor.

Travel More



But wait… will work allow for this? Sure, you want to travel more. Who doesn’t? But if you only have a certain amount of time off then this simply won’t work. Unless you’re willing to quit your job in the name of following through with your resolution, don’t waste your brain space on this resolution.

Plan a meaningful trip when you’re able to fit it into your schedule. Not only that, do you have enough money to finance your travel expenses? Check your bank account and report back.

Sure, it can be fun to tell your friends and family that you want to travel more during a  New Year's Eve party. Afterall, you want to see the world and become a more interesting person. Still, if you’re not able to make it happen, it won’t.

Become Fluent in a Language



Who doesn’t like someone who has all of that ambition? I hate to rain on your parade, but a year is just not that much time. Each person learns at a different rate.

Ask yourself if you’re willing to invest the time and possibly money into your resolution. Free videos on youtube and books will only get you so far. You need a friend who speaks the language who is willing to speak it to you often.

If you don’t have a friend, can you pay for a tutor or mentor? Are you willing to immerse yourself in the culture? Are you able to set aside time to learn the language.

Between work, family, friends, relationships, and hobbies, it can be difficult to find the time each day to practice. A better resolution would be to practice a new language each week.

Starving Yourself 



Please don’t starve yourself just because you’re ashamed of how much you ate for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner. January 1 rolls around and many people will stop eating altogether.

Ask yourself, “Am I willing to deny myself for the rest of my life?” As soon as you begin to nourish yourself again, you’ll gain weight. Humans need food for fuel. Without it, we will die.

Shaming yourself into a restrictive diet will make you sad. Not only that it could lead to health problems or an eating disorder. It’s best to lose weight in a safe, healthy, and slow way. You’re much more likely to keep it off in the long run. What’s your hurry?

Spend More Time with Family 



You may truly want to spend more time with your grandma, cousin, and parents, but it can be tough to execute this goal. It’s certainly a healthy goal, as positive relationships and support systems are necessary for our well-being.

However, life gets busy! Between work, going to the gym, and going out with your partner, it gets tricky. The vagueness of this resolution is a huge issue.

Why don’t you try calling your grandma once per week instead? Schedule a time when you’re free and write it in your calendar. It’s certainly a noble intention! 



Now that you’ve read about a few poor resolutions and why they may fail, hopefully you’ll be more likely to make realistic, healthy resolutions. There’s no point in vague, impossible or down right dangerous goals!

We all want to lead happier and healthier lives, right? Try getting more specific and write things down in your calendar.

Having concrete plans can really help you achieve your goals. I wish you luck and success in 2020!


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