History of Turkish lamps

History of Turkish lamps

Turkish lamps have a long history, the manufacturing technique of this lamps originated 5,000 years ago.

They are inspired by the lamps and decorations of the powerful sultan’s palaces of yesteryear. They incorporate the colours of Ottoman cultures. Brilliant pieces of crystal, of different sizes forming attractive forms and with rounded forms in the lampshades.

Turkish lamps are made entirely by hand in Turkey. They are characterized by the metals worked in a very detailed way and by the wide range of colors used in small crystals forming mosaics.

This technique has evolved to the present day. In its origins it began with ceramics, metal and later with the introduction of materials such as glass and plaster to join them and result in lamps with mosaics.

The set of the lamp is formed by a metal part of brass and balloons composed of two layers. The first of them consists of a glass globe which is covered with a second globe that composes the final mosaic. You will not find two equal Turkish lamps, each one is a unique and unrepeatable piece.

Each Turkish lamp is special, all have a different mosaic design on the lampshade, colors or even drawings on the structure of the lamp itself. The design combinations of Turkish lamps are so varied that they offer thousands of possibilities for ambient decoration.

Turkish lamps are an alternative for both private and professional spaces, to decorate and give a different point to the conventional. The manufacturer has a wide variety of lamps including in its catalogue ceiling lamps, floor lamps, table lamps, wall lights, ceiling lights, chandeliers, etc. One of the most surprising aspects when you see Turkish lamps for the first time is the spectacular light effect they create once they are on, it is amazing!

Characteristics of Turkish lights

Turkish lamps are products 100% handmade by master craftsmen from Istanbul (Turkey). Totally original with high quality mosaic crystals and finishes. The mosaics of the lamp are made with glass pearls that are joined by plaster that gives a great robustness and thickness to the glass globe. High quality lamp. The materials used ensure the performance of the product and high resistance to heat of up to 200 º C, being able to place without problem 40W bulbs.

Turkish lamps uses

Traditionally rich metals and precious stones were used to make Turkish lamps that have been adapted to incorporate into our current decoration.

Today we can say that this type of lamps fit in different styles of environments, which want to add a touch of color in a striking way, as this type of lamps always attract attention. They are ideal for placing in foyers, cellars, rustic spaces or to give an oriental touch in living rooms and dining rooms.

The ambient light they create invites relax and rest. The design of the coloured mosaics creates a variety of reflections when the lamp is turned on, which is incredible. These colors are inspired by Mediterranean colors, colors of precious stones that transmit joy and animate to any room.

Nowadays the stones used are not jewels, but glass, beads, etc. are used. It is in the quality of these stones where the differentiation of the Turkish lights reside. What distinguishes them from a mere trinket because the brightness and reflections of a quality Turkish lamp are clearly noticeable.

Due to their timelessness, Turkish lamps also fit perfectly in vintage environments, perfectly valid for this mixture of styles that is personalized with each piece that is incorporated into the decoration.

They are also very appreciated for the lighting of bars and restaurants which gives them an original and welcoming look. Perfect for thematic international cuisine, cafes and modern breweries, as they adapt in a surprising way and make a difference with other similar premises.

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