How Interior Design Can Change Your Life

How Interior Design Can Change Your Life

Our surroundings affect the quality of our life. During times of stress, we visualize our “happy place.” If our environment is filled with toxins and chaos, that’s going to affect our productivity, energy level, mood, and ability to thrive. 

So, let’s talk about the environment within your home. If it’s disorganized and a mess, you’re going to feel that in your body and soul. Today, I wrote about the ways interior decorating can transform your life. Don’t let your beautiful home become a place that elicits lethargy and a negative mood!

Whether you’re an avid fan of all things related to home décor, or you’re someone who’s not really gotten into it (yet), after you’ve finished reading this blog, you’ll be motivated to make a positive change in the design of your home.


Having a tidy, organized home will help you out in more ways than one. First of all, you won’t be tripping over all of your clutter. There won’t be mysterious piles of junk in your cabinets, closets, and drawers. 

Finding decorative ways to store your items will be a fun and creative challenge. Plus, you’ll feel so much better looking at your beautiful, mess-free space! Instead of hearing that nagging voice telling you to clean up, you’ll finally be able to listen to your true voice. I’m sure it has some interesting things to say about the world!



Organization, furniture placement, and design can play a big role in your mood! When I sit down to write, I have to make sure my room doesn’t look like a total pig sty. I notice that the messier it is, the less creative and productive I am. I’m sure I’m not alone in that.

A cluttered room makes for a cluttered mind. It’s not just about cleanliness though. What about feng shui? The energy might need some re-working! The way we orient to our space affects our flow of energy. If you feel off balance when you’re in certain rooms, try rearranging your furniture.

This is your home after all. You want to feel
good within it, right? Some rooms may draw out a more happy energy, while others send a ripple of calmness through you.

If you walk through each room feeling irritable, let’s find a design solution!



You want to feel comfortable and relaxed in certain rooms, particularly the bedroom. How can you bring harmony to the space where you desperately need to decompress after a long and stressful day?

Focus on colors, lighting, patterns, wall artwork, and furniture placement. Balancing out cool and warm tones, staying away from busy patterns or loud, over-the-top artwork can make a difference. If you think purchasing a plush, comfortable couch will solve all of your problems, you’re wrong. The placement of that couch matters as well. If it’s in an island of empty space or right next to a wall, you might feel overwhelmed and anxious.

Ask some friends or do your own research on how to bring comfort and balance in your home with furniture arrangement, home décor, and design. You deserve to relax!



Family is a number one value to you! You don’t want to alienate your family by putting uncomfortable furniture in your home. You don’t want them to trudge down the stairs and plop down into their seats unhappily.

Create an environment where it’s appealing to all be together as a family unit. Having enough room is key. We all need our own space as well. Keep in mind that you, your partner and small children will need to unwind in different places. Create a play space, a reading space, a place to watch T.V., and a separate place to come together and eat.

When you keep your family in mind as you redecorate your home, it will bring a sense of togetherness.


This is all about the way you feel in your own home. The last thing you want is to be more stressed out in your own place. A home is supposed to invite feelings of warmth and comfort.

Visualize an organized home where your family is happy. You’re overjoyed that you’re able to relax and be productive in your home!  Remember, you don’t need to hire an interior designer unless you want to. You can do it all yourself! Who knows, maybe you’ll take this interior design thing to the next level.

It could be your new calling. I hope you’re able to relax tonight in your lovely home! 

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