Pull Off the Bohemian Style in Your Home with These Tips

Pull Off the Bohemian Style in Your Home with These Tips

When it's done right, a space with bright bohemian decor exudes creativity in a tasteful way. The art of layering patterns, mixing colors, and combining furniture styles can give a room a fun and free-spirited vibe. If you're ready to step outside of your comfort zone to experiment with this casual chic aesthetic, look no further we will take you through various tips that will help you achieve a refined and classy bohemian style in your home.       

Earlier it was just striking colors and patterns, but nowadays, it is more of a sophisticated style that just needs an inspirational eye of your interior designer. Just like the minimalist interior design, the bohemian style has its own charm and beauty.    


  • Start With A Neutral Color Palette

Although the bohemian style is all about vibrant patterns and colors, you should start with neutral tones as a base. With this, you can add pops of textures, colors, and patterns without losing the modern touch of your interior.

Pick a gray or white color, and create the perfect canvas for your room. If you want a dark color, you can go with greens and browns and further accessorize them with saturated orange, purple and electric blue. Layering these colors will make this style unique and stunning.

  • Include Textures

The texture is the main element of boho home. So, while adding that style to your room, make sure to include a lot of textures.

You can add texture by including basket, vibrant wall hangings, colorful rugs, lively planters, furniture, and artwork in your room. On top of this, you can put some throws over your furniture and get colorful pillows on the sofa.

In Bohemia style, you can add as much as you want, so add what you love!

Also, a bright-colored chair can do the trick.

  • Add Bohemian Furniture

There is no particular bohemian furniture. So, you need to collect the furniture over time, and if you can get some vintage pieces, it would be great. If your furniture is exclusive and tells a story, it will only enhance the style of your room more.

So, start exploring your local shops for some vintage furniture and give some thought to each piece. Also, if you go for plush couches and chairs of saturated colors, these will be welcoming for you and your guests.

But, make sure to choose relaxed and comfortable pieces such as lounges and butterfly chairs.

  • Reflective Surfaces And Accessories

Undeniably, the bohemian style exudes a magical feeling. So, to bring this element into your room, you should use reflective and metallic surfaces. Using contemporary styles and shapes will accentuate the boho look of your room.

Also, you must use understated and ambient light to enhance the look of your boho room. Use multiple lanterns, table lamps, and candles rather than overhead fixtures. Since bohemian style prompts layering, you can layer your wooden furniture with metal accessories.

The bohemian style also includes the natural world. So, hanging plants and ferns can give a warm and stylish look to your room. Along with imparting the room with vibrancy, plants also enhance the air quality of the room. So, bring plants as much as you like.     

  • Include Creative Patterns

Now, it is time to get creative with designs. Try to spice things up and use styles that would not usually go together. Although the bohemian style recommends using one or two patterns in each room, this leaves you to get creative with your selection.

You can include lines and geometric shapes rather than simple prints. If you are getting confused about the patterns, you can go with an overarching color palette, which includes rust and navy, violet and gold and scarlet, and mandarin.

Boho style welcomes handmade items and family heirlooms. From vintage bottles to maps and vibrant wall hangings, you can add everything in a bohemian style room.


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