Top 5 Feng Shui Lighting Tips to Bring Harmony to the Home

Top 5 Feng Shui Lighting Tips to Bring Harmony to the Home

Hey, Annie here. Today I've written about a few practical Feng Shui tips that I'm sure you'll love! If you're wanting to harmonize your home décor, this blog post is for you.

Have you ever walked into a room and something doesn't feel quite right? Adding Feng Shui can help keep everything balanced. What is Feng Shui anyway? It's a set of beliefs that was derived in China, involving spacial arrangement and flow of energy. It is believed that the way you arrange the items in your room - i.e. your furniture, artwork, and décor- can increase or decrease the Qi, or flow of energy.

You want your home to be functional and aesthetically-pleasing as well as harmonious. Let's talk about the intersection of lighting design and Feng Shui. 

1. Balance Yin and Yang

Lighting is very important in balancing the energy in your home. You must balance Yin -relaxing energy- and Yang -active energy - in order to create a harmonious household.
Examples of Yin energy

  • Soft music
  • Dark colors
  • Relaxing images of water
  • Think: still, calm, slow, soft, night

Examples of Yang energy

  • Vibrant colors
  • Bold designs and textures
  • Loud sounds and images of strength, such as trees 
  • Think: Light, sun, fire, lively, life, loud 

When the Yin and Yang energies are working together, your home will look and feel balanced. When it comes to lighting, you want a well-lit home or the Yin energy will dominate. Open windows, pull back the curtains, and decorate the home with lamps.

2. Entrance of the Home

In order to attract positive high-vibration energy into your home, the entrance of your home must not be too dim. You're going to want to keep it well lit to invite a positive flow of energy.

The light will pull in good things into your home and life. You could place a lamp or two on a nearby hallway dresser and light up a dark corner with a standing lamp near the doorway.

Replace burnt out bulbs to illuminate the possibility of opportunity and fortune. 

3. Replace Overhead Lights

No amount of re-balancing techniques can fully heal the damage of florescent overhead lighting. The glare causes bad energy to flow through the home.

It's best to completely remove overhead lighting and replace it with lamps and other light fixtures. This will add ambiance and a healthy glow to your home. Try room-filling lamps, table lamps, and task lights to achieve that harmonious vibration that you're going for. 

4. Mirrors

When you add a large mirror to the room, the light will reflect off of it and cause the flow of energy to circulate at a greater speed. The light bouncing off of the walls will make your space more dynamic, stimulating, and conducive to studying.

Certain small rooms in the home may feel restrictive. In order to unleash your creativity, productivity, and increase flow, add a few mirrors to the space. You'll be surprised by the way your energy lifts up, the next time you enter this space. 


Lighting plays a huge role in the Feng Shui system of beliefs. Buildings and walls naturally create shadow, which is a Yin energy.

In order to illuminate the space, you must add light. Replacing overhead lights, adding mirrors, and lighting up your home entrance are great tips to add to the flow of your home. You want to feel balanced in your room, right?

Do a little experiment and see how the lighting affects the atmosphere of your home and your mood. I wish you harmony and peace within your beloved home. 

Annie Foley

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