Top Styling Tips for Your Home

Top Styling Tips for Your Home

If you're looking to add some oomf to your home design without hiring an interior designer, I'm here for you. Yes, to the style but no thanks to the expense!

It's easy to get overwhelmed...Let's be honest, a total home makeover is a daunting task. From wallpaper choices to color schemes, it seems like a lot. Still, it can actually be really enjoyable to design and redecorate your home.

Who knows, maybe you'll come out of it feeling more creative. Not only that, your home will look incredible.

I applaud your redesign goals and truly believe you can accomplish them. Without further ado, let's get right into some hot style tips...



You want your home to come alive. There's nothing worse than walking into a boring, lifeless home with no personality. You've got to pick a theme, change with the seasons, and accessorize. 

How can you add a little bit of YOU into your home? I'm talking about a little funky twist that reflects a bit of yourself. If you're into 3D art or mosaics don't hold back. Maybe you like bold artwork from faraway places. Perhaps you're interested in historical art. Don't be afraid to show off these pieces in your home.

After all, your home belongs to you. Give it some character!


We're living a 3 dimensional world! Make sure your home reflects texture or it will look and feel flat. You may not be able to be as creative, multi-dimensional, or dynamic when all of your art pieces and wallpaper are untextured.

Added texture will make your home come alive. Think mosaics, tiles, textured wallpaper, wooden pieces, and bold prints. The eye is attracted to contrast and depth.

If everything in your home is a gray blob it can feel creepy and dystopian. Jazz it up with some creative textures. Show your home that you love it by adding some style and dimension. 


Are your pieces cohesive? Sometimes you can have a great decorative piece, but it just doesn't fit in. For example, if you have a glamorous lampshade, make sure it fits with the theme of the room.

If your room portrays a dark and mysterious look, then you may not want to put your floral couch in that room. Perhaps your office space could use a bold accent to induce a bit of creative thinking.

Place your mosaic table lamp on your office desk, bedroom, or dining room. But first ask yourself, "Does this piece fit with my theme?" 


It's easy to get caught up in the momentum of the goal to create your dream home. Still, make sure you have the proper support to follow through. There's nothing worse than a half-baked project.

Imagine a half-painted room with two walls of decorative art and the other half blank....What an awful image!  You want to create a polished, thoughtful look throughout the entirety of your home.

Ask your friends, family, and partner for their assistance and support. Don't wait until halfway through the project to ask for help.

I know you want to be independent and I'm sure you CAN do this on your own, but do you WANT to? Hey, you may have more fun if you redesign your home with a friend or partner.

Being too proud to ask for help may cost you some style points! 


You can never have too much style, right? I hope you're able to get the home of your dreams!

You don't need to hire an interior designer to give your home some extra spice. Make sure your personality shines through.

Decorate with texture and cohesion in mind. Don't forget to ask for help if you need it! This is a big project to do on your own. I believe in you. Thank you for reading my blog post!

I wish you luck with this important and impressive goal. 

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