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(ALMOST SOLD OUT) Enchanted Bear

(ALMOST SOLD OUT) Enchanted Bear

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The Enchanted Lamp goes beyond its role as a mere source of illumination; it's a delightful addition that infuses a sense of enchantment into any environment. Ideal for households with children, observe as they become spellbound by its whimsical design, losing themselves in its vivid colors and enchanting radiance for hours on end.


With 7 vibrant color options, the Enchanted Bear Lamp offers endless possibilities to breathe new life into your room. Embrace a fresh and exciting ambiance every time with the freedom to switch between colors automatically or manually with the easy-to-use switch.

Delight your loved ones with the gift of wonder. Whether it's for friends, partners, or kids, the Enchanted Bear Lamp never fails to amaze. Witness the joy on their faces as they discover the captivating glow and immersive experience of this truly incredible gift.

We prioritize safety and durability with the Enchanted Bear Lamp. Crafted from high-quality ABS and glass, it features a non-slip base that ensures accidental tipping is a thing of the past. Transport your lamp with confidence, thanks to the shock-absorbing foam protection box and sturdy paper box included in the packaging.

Unlock the Magic of the Enchanted Bear Lamp™ and Elevate Your Decor to New Heights!

Dimensions: 6.26 inch x 3.54 inch x 1.26 inch 

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